Franciscan Dave

Communication and Holiness of Life

November 13, 2021 David Seitz, OFS Season 1 Episode 12
Franciscan Dave
Communication and Holiness of Life
Show Notes

Listen as Bill Schmitt shares his expertise from a career in journalism, both as a journalist and a teacher of journalism and multi-platform communication, and enlightens us on current trends in communication and how we need to communicate in such a way as to encourage the pursuit of truth.  Jesus Christ is the truth, so seeking and communicating truth leads us closer to the Truth which is Jesus Christ.

Can telling the truth be sinful?
Is there a moral aspect to how we communicate and use words?
Does our culture embrace truth-based communication?
What is disinformation?  Is it different from outright lies?
What does the Church teach about morally responsible communication?
What can we do to ensure what we communicate does not detract us from a life of holiness?

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May the Lord grant you His peace
David Seitz, OFS

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