Franciscan Dave

7 Guideposts for a Holy Life

June 12, 2022 David Seitz, OFS Season 2 Episode 2
Franciscan Dave
7 Guideposts for a Holy Life
Show Notes

In this episode David shares insights into what he has learned by the masters of the spiritual life.  What has he found in common?  There are 7 commonalities that seem to resonate with those saints we hold up as heros and teachers of the faith.  David summarizes these 7 common traits.

1. Eucharistic Focus
2. Frequent Confession
3. Live a Life Centered on Prayer
4. Sacrifice / Redemptive Suffering
5. Humility
6. Put on the Armor of Christ (Eph 6:10-19)
7. Be Fervent

You can download a summary document by visiting the following link at the Tau Ministreis Website.  Prayers ( and opening up the 7 Guidepost document.

As always, we pray that you found this reflection helpful and encourage you to share and recommend to others who you feel may find it inspiring.

May the Lord grant you His peace!

David Seitz, OFS

Tau Ministires

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